Tuesday, 31 July 2012

We fell in love with Asu Island!

After being in Nias for 2 weeks we have spontaneously decided to go to Asu for the rest
of our days off. What an awesome choice we made! Asu is such a beautiful island with a stunning beach, great people, good surf, good fish, fantastic food and no crowds in the water. 
Defiantly one of our highlights of this trip.

Speedboat from Sirombu to Asu.

We stayed in 'Asu Paradise' resort for Rp 700 000.00 (about N$700.00) per night/ per room including 3 domestic meals and an AC bungalow. No hot shower once again :( Amanoseb and his family took great care of us. Delicious meals and the best doughnuts we have ever eaten.

Besides our resort there is 'VIP Asu' resort (in partnership with Asu Paradise), 'Asu Camp' (resort right infront of the wave), Mamma Sylvie Losmen and a couple of broken down and non-existing resorts, which you come across while walking thru the jungle.

Torsten had some really good surf in Asu. Good waves and uncrowded. Maximum 8 people in water on a busy day :) What a relieve from Nias. (More surf photo's to follow in another blog post).
The snorkeling was really, really good. And so was the spear fishing. Torsten was super stoked and excited with all the fish he got. Sashimi for Lunch and BBQ Fish for Dinner!

We had a wonderful time here in Asu. Met great people and will defiantly come again!

Saturday, 28 July 2012

Lagundri Bay, Nias

We have 4 weeks off between our 2 stints at Macaronis Resort and have decided to go to Nias island in that time.

Nias Island is located in the west coast of Sumatra about 100km from the mainland. Of all the Sumatran offshore islands, Nias is the most populated and access is easy via plane or ferry. Its inhabitants (called the "Nihas") are believed to come from the south of China, from which they might have emigrated around 2,500 years ago. Although the official language is Bahasa Indonesia, "Bahasa Nias" is the language generally spoken in the island. Gunung Sitoli is the biggest town in Nias and it is the center of administration and business affairs. 
Since Nias is home to one of the worlds most famous right-hander, it gets extremely crowded over peak season. The set-up is beautiful! Actually picture perfect! Beautiful backdrop of coconut palm trees and a perfect right peeling of the point. Getting out there is super easy. There's a keyhole that lets you paddle right into the take off zone.

We flew from Padang to Medan, and from Medan to Gunung Sitoli. From Gunung Sitoli it's about another 2 hours drive to Sorake Beach, Lagundri Bay. Once you reach Sorake Beach there is one local losmen after another and all of them situated right infront of the wave, on the beach. We stayed at 'Marlyntos Losmen'. Torsten stayed here in 2008 and we've decided to stay here again. It's not the nicest losmen 'on the block' but it serves the best Fruit Salad and Banana Pancake for Breakfast. Also very lovely people owning and running the losemen. We paid Rp 350 000.00 (about N$ 350.00) per night, per room including 3 meals a day. Where in the world do you get that? The rooms weren't 5 star, but a fan to keep cool, comfortable bed, clean bathroom and spacious room did the job.

Local massages in front of our door step!

Beside surfing, there isn't much to do. I finally finished my book and found a little library 2 losmen's next to us. Torsten went fishing a couple of times with Marlyntos, but came back empty handed. There's no internet in Saroke. One losmen has got wifi, which if you lucky you'll pick up but is extremely slow. You can barely open your 'sign in' site of your email account. The next 'faster' internet cafe' is about a 20 minutes scooter drive. Here the internet is a tiny-winy bit faster and we only paid about Rp 5 000.00 for 2x 30min internet session. Really cheap! But the problem was getting there. Mama Marlyntos charged us Rp 50 000.00 (N$ 50.00) per trip/ a day to use her scooter. That was the best part of the day- the scooter ride. We loved it!

The next closest little town is Teluk Dalam. Here you get your everyday basic. They have an ATM, church, DVD shop, pharmacy, grocery store, market and a few other Warungs. We even found mayonnaise and honey! We went to a little restaurant once or twice enjoying local food- or Torsten at least did. I don't really find it tasty :)

We were suppose to stay in Nias 3 weeks. Half way thru we still didn't get the swell we were looking for, the crowds in the water became insane and we haven't even catched one fish yet. The local kids walking on the beach even drove us crazy screaming 'Coconut bread' every 5minutes. We spontaneously decided to arrange a trip to Asu, Hinako Island for the rest of the time we had left. Within 1 day our trip to Asu has been arranged and our taxi service from Lagundri to Sirombu picked us up the next morning at 4am. The way the locals talked they reckoned we would drive about 4 to 5 hours, meanwhile we made safe to our destination within 2 hours.

Dawn at Rock stars- another surf spot in Nias.

Saturday, 21 July 2012

Last week 6

We have been at Macaronis 6 weeks already.
This week it is our last week here at Macaronis for our first stint. We've got 4 weeks off and planning to go to Nias. After those 4 weeks we have another 4 weeks here at Macaronis for our second stint.

This week we are fully booked again. A big group of Tasmania's, few guys from last week and a couple from Australia. Very nice people. Finally a girl again to hang out with  :) 

Towards the end of the week we are expecting real big swell. One of the biggest we've had here at Macaronis. In the meanwhile Torsten took out the Guest's for some fishing 
and spear fishing...

... and I took out one of the staff to overcome her water fear, after nearly drowning in the lagoon in front of the resort due to the strong current that day. She's been really scared ever since.

We made good sales this week and all the guest's were very happy with our work.
Now we need to start packing and prepare ourselves for the lovely overnight ferry ride 
back to Padang :)

Torsten and his boat drivers- Ronny, Hendrik & Wha
Kylie from Australia and me

My favorite spot for filming- right in front of Macaronis.

Good Bye Macaronis. See you in 4 weeks!

Friday, 15 June 2012


Bougainvillea  is a genus of flowering plants native to South America from Brazil west to Peru and south to southern Argentina. Different authors accept between four and 18 species in the genus.

They are thorny, woody vines growing anywhere from 1 to 12 meters tall, scrambling over other plants with their spiky thorns. The thorns are tipped with a black, waxy substance. They are evergreen where rainfall occurs all year, or deciduous if there is a dry season. The leaves are alternate, simple ovate-acuminate, 4-13 cm long and 2-6 cm broad. The actual flower of the plant is small and generally white, but each cluster of three flowers is surrounded by three or six bracts with the bright colours associated with the plant, including pink, magenta, purple, red, orange, white, or yellow. 

Saturday, 9 June 2012


The Mentawai Islands, fringed by coral reefs, lie 160 km (100 miles) off the coast of Sumatra, on the eastern edge of the Indian Ocean. 

Corals are marine animals in class Anthozoa of phylum Cnidaria typically living in compact colonies of many identical individual "polyps". The group includes the important reef builders that inhabit tropical oceans and secrete calcium carbonate to form a hard skeleton.